Seller's Inspection


Sellers Inspection (Full Inspection)

 A seller's inspection is initiated by the property owner/seller usually prior to or during the listing of the property. It helps the owner/seller to determine what system defects, and structural components of the property need repair. More importantly, it helps the owner/seller and the owner/seller's agent to accurately represent the home by disclosing any major or minor damage to prospective buyers. Damage obsereved at the time of a owner/seller's inspection can either be repaired by the owner/seller (to maximize fair market value) or used to negotiate between both owner/seller and buyer.

  These types of inspections are being used more and more, a seller's inspection can help to speed-up the sales process. When owner/seller's  show what defects are found, and how the defects were fixed, then the buyer's confidence may increase enough to move the purchase forward. But, the buyer should always hire their own inspector to perform an inspection for a second opinion.

  The inspector typically spends 3 to 5 hours performing a thorough, visual, non-invasive, examination of the residential/commercial dwelling, performed for a fee, which is designed to identify observed material defects within the specific components of said dwelling. The time is dependent upon the size and age of the dwelling.