Pre-Warranty experation inspections


(Full Inspection) (Partial Inspection)

 Home builders usually offer a "warranty" on a house for a period of one year or longer which is designed to cover the costs and repairs of system defects and structural-related problems during the warranty period. A warranty inspection should be ordered prior to the expiration of the home warranty. So that the builder can be made aware of any issues while the warranty is still in force. Warranty inspections allow you to take full advantage of the warranty's benefits which can save you from paying out-of-pocket for repairs that may be the fault of the builder or manufacturer.  Pre-Warranty expiration Inspections hold builders, manufacturers, suppliers, and installers liable for their work and products. The cost for a  Pre-warranty expiration inspection could save you from having to spend thousands for future repairs and systems defects that were damaged before the warranty expiration.