Annual Inspection


(Full Inspection) (Partial Inspection)

  Annual inspections also referred to as preventative maintenance inspections are performed usually once per calendar year, to ensure that the home/building systems and structure are in good condition, without any visual defects or damage at the time of inspection. Because all things have an end of life expectancy, preventative maintenance inspections help to make the home/building owner aware of immediate and upcoming replacement and repair needs. 

 The inspection itself can be just as thorough as a Buyers Inspection and includes the same high-quality report after the inspection is complete. Or you can choose a Partial Inspection that includes crawl space, attic, and exterior Only. (call or e-mail us for pricing).   

 Preventative maintenance inspections are especially recommended after your home/building has endured harsh weather such as strong winds, excessive rain, extended periods of drought, unusual freezing, or snow conditions.